AJX Fuel Performance Solutions

Experience the Power of AJX Perfect Fuel Products

AJX--More Than Just a Biocide

When it comes to fighting microbial growth in fuel, AJX products out-perform all other products on the market today. AJX diesel and gas catalyst products introduce a “smart microbe” that “eats up” microbial growth until it literally explodes into microscopic particles that burn through fuel cleanly and efficiently without falling to the bottom of the tank or clogging injectors and fuel systems like most other biocide products.
AJX Perfect Fuel Products not only eliminate the growth of these harmful organisms, AJX Products are proven to increase power, reduce fuel consumption and increase RPM for better underway performance. Recommended for marine and industrial use, AJX Perfect Fuel products are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered and offer a wide variety of advantages that no other fuel catalyst can match. Experience the power of AJX gas and diesel fuel performance solutions.

AJX products are the only products available on the market today that can enhance your engine’s performance in all the following areas:

Gas & Diesel Fuel Performance Solutions

Fuel System Detergent (to clean fuel pumps and injectors)
Combustion Chamber Deposit Controller (to reduce varnish and carbon)
Anti-Microbial Agent (biocide)
Fuel Preservative (to increase storage period and eliminate future bacterial growth)
Corrosion Inhibitor and Metal Deactivator
Deposit Control Catalyst
(to help dissolve solids and to promote fuel’s molecular balance)
Power Enhancer and Ignition Improver
Top Cylinder Lubricant
(reduces valve recession and friction in combustion chamber)
Pour Point Depressant
Fuel Flow Improver
(to improve fuel’s cloud point and eliminate filter plugging)
Cetane Improver
Fuel System Friction Reducer
Disperses Water Derived from Condensation

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